adm4eeis a management tool to ease the daily business of Java EE Application Server admins.

“A tool to manage App Servers? What about the already existing admin consoles?”

The aim is to keep the UI as simple as possible and hide complexity, even if the backend functions are very powerful and to provide easy access to:  monitoring the state of domains and applications and basic configurations like JDBC-pools, service ports, change admin password, etc.

Please have a look at the Features-Page to get an impression what is implemented yet.



  • Setup new domain according to domain template folder with support for JavaScript based setup script (Nashorn) via command line
  • Configure the domain
  • Start the domain
  • Stop the domain
  • Check if a domain is up and running
  • Restart the domain automatically in case of failure

EE Applications

  • Check application version against remote update server
  • Update application with new version from remote update server (support for update script)


  • Reconfigure JDBC Pool settings: Username, Password, URL, Ping JDBC Pools


  • JavaFX based graphical user interface for full control
  • see screenshots page for more details


  • Configure Service Ports (e.g. for HTTP listener, admin listener,…) with PortBase/PortOffset support
  • Command Line Interface for usage during scripted installation procedure
  • Settings are stored in a config-File (e.g. URL for Online-Updates, preferred Ports, …)
  • Change admin password
  • Show and save server log file
  • By now only GlassFish is supported, but prepared for other JavaEE-Servers (e.g. WildFly)


Have a loot at the screenshots page.

Source / Binaries

Can be found at bitbucket: admin4ee


adm4EE is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license. If this license is not suitable, please contact me to discuss an alternative license.

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